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We are dedicated to providing you with a highly enjoyable membership and excellent service. Our top priority is to provide you with courteous, helpful service with any and all membership related questions.

Please take a moment to review the frequently asked questions listed on this site. In most cases you'll be able to resolve your problem quickly and easily through this site. If a solution to your problem cannot be found on this site, please contact us. A customer service representative will contact you promptly to help resolve your problems. Your happiness is our top priority!

A Note on Chargebacks and Fraudulent Transactions:
All chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may add you to a blacklist with our processor which will complicate future online purchases. Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in an investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action toward you. Your credit rating can be affected by false claims of fraud. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

1. What company name will I be billed by?
Answer: Your credit card will be discreetly billed by "CCBill" or "Segpay". If you have paid by check you will be discreetly billed.

2. How can I change my password or other information on my account?
Answer: Please send us an Email from the same account you used to sign-up your account and include your username. Email:

3. How does billing work on the Trial membership I purchased?
Answer: Many of our sites allow you to purchase a low cost trial membership that is good for a specified number of days. Trial memberships upgrade automatically to the standard monthly membership plan unless you cancel within the trial period (the specified number of days from which you purchased your trial). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the website that you joined for further information.

4. How often will I be charged for your services?
Answer: Your account will be charged every thirty days from the day you originally subscribed. For example, if your account was activated on January 15th, your credit card will be automatically charged again on February 14th. If you cancel your account before that time, we will not renew your account. Instead your account will expire on that date. For example, if you were activated on January 15th and we receive your cancellation on January 30th, your account would expire on February 14th. If you joined on trial basis, the 30-day billing cycle begins at the end of the trial unless you cancel within the trial period.

5. How do I know that my membership was cancelled?
Answer: When you use our automated cancel page you will get a confirmation page. Then the system will send a confirmation to the e-mail address that you provided when you joined.

6. I Cancelled but you are still billing me?
Answer: Please send us an Email from the same account you used to sign-up your account and include your username. Email:

7. How I can get help with CC Bill or SegPay?
Answer: CC Bill - 1(888) 736-6474 / / SegPay - 1-866-450-4000 / /

Technical Issues

1. Browser Settings
Answer: Our sites are designed with Internet Explorer users in mind. Please make sure cookies are on: It appears that your browser has cookies enabled. Please make sure your javascript settings are turned on: It appears that you have Javascript enabled

2. Firewall Settings
Answer: Please verify that your Personal Firewall settings are correct: Firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security, are generally good things to have, but they sometimes interfere with our site. If you are behind a firewall contact your network administrator to see if you can have direct access to the internet from your computer. If you have a personal firewall, disable it while you are visiting our website, and turn it back on when you leave.

3. Popup Blocker Settings
Answer: Please make sure that your Pop Up Blocker settings are correct: For the best possible experience while visiting our sites, please disable your Pop Up Blockers.

4. Adware Information
Answer: Adware can hijack your internet browser and may prevent you from accessing our websites properly.

5. Video Plug-ins
Answer: Windows Media Player - Is a technology that produces streaming video and audio files. The WM player will play most types of movies including its native Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), WAV, AVI, Quicktime and RealOne formats. A good all-around choice.

Quicktime - An audio/video technology developed by Apple, but can also play on any PC. Its versatility and quality of playback are outstanding and its ability to compress large movies into small files is remarkable. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.

RealOne Video - A streaming technology developed by RealNetworks for transmitting live video over the Internet. RealVideo uses a variety of data compression techniques and works with both normal IP connections as well as IP Multicast connections. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.